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Ken Levine feels PC and next-gen systems are "very much similar beasts"

BioShock Infinite maestro Ken Levine feels PC and next-gen systems are "very much similar beasts," and when it comes to the upcoming boxes, it's "more about the software," and the services provided.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Levine said many companies are still trying to win the war of the living room, which he thinks is a moot point.

"People want to talk about owning the living room. I don't think the living room matters that much any more," he said. "It's about wherever you want to game and having your experience. I'm not just saying playing an iPhone game, I'm saying having your game - your big, hardcore game - playing on whatever screen you wanted."

Levine feels the future of video games is heading towards the ability to take all our games on the road, and that specific devices will become less important "part of the equation."

"The technology's there - it's actually very, very cheap," Levine said. "I'm just waiting for someone to do it, because letting gamers define their experience - how they play it, where they play it - that's where it's going. Gamer-driven experiences. That's what excites me."

Levine said his team is focused on developing the BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea DLC, and while there are people on his team at Irrational Games "working on our engine technology in general," at present, the team doesn't "have the bandwidth to think about" next-gen at the moment.

Burial at Sea – Episode One is out in the fall and Burial at Sea – Episode Two which is out in 2014.

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