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Kaos: Developers need to take more risks with the shooter genre

Rex Dickson, lead level designer at Kaos Studios has said that currently there is a bit of a "massacre fatigue" problem in gaming, and the way the studio solved this issue in Homefront, was by breaking up core combat every "two or three minutes," with either "a story moment, a drama moment, spectacle moment or vista moment."

Speaking in an interview with CVG, Dickson said some of these moments may make even make players feel "unsettled and uncomfortable," due to the game's subject matter. This is something he feels more development studios should do as well, instead of releasing the same sort of shooter "over and over," again.

"As a game designer and someone who plays games I really want some people to start pushing boundaries," he said. "Kaos could have made another modern combat game in the Middle East, or an armored fighter in space versus aliens but does the market really need any more of that?

"If you want to break the mold of what everyone else is doing there is going to be a certain amount of risk involved - maybe that's not okay for people like Bungie, Microsoft and Sony - but for us, the little guy and THQ as the third-party publisher, we have to take these risks and break out. If the big guys aren't going to take the risks they're going to just keep making the same game over and over with each iteration then It's up to the little guys to make these games and try and break the mold.

"There's no fear really, I think I'd be more afraid if we making another Halo game or another desert combat game. The fact that we're offering something unique and different removes the fear, that's what we should be doing."

Homefront is out on March 15 in the US and March 18 in the UK for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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