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John Carmack wants you to rock the vote next Tuesday in the US


We think that's what he's driving at in his latest blog post, anyway. We're not really sure.

Next Tuesday on November 2 in America, voters will head to the polls for general State Elections to select candidates for various offices such as: mayor, magistrate, senators, representatives, jailer, county coroner, sheriff and many other local, state, and federal positions.

Because of this, John Carmack, in his own extremely brainy way, has posted his opinion of the government online, and pretty much says which way he is going to vote.

"There isn’t a single thing that I would petition the federal government to add to its task list, and I would ask that it stop doing the majority of the things that it is currently doing," he said. "My vote is going to the candidates that at least vector in that direction."

Is he talking about taxes? A bit. Is he talking about the Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association case out in California? We're not sure.

Anyway, it's an interesting read. If not a bit mental. Go have a look.

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