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Itagaki confirms early 2013 launch for Devil's Third, looking at Wii U release

Valhalla boss Tomonobu Itagaki has confirmed that Devil's Third won't launch until early 2013.

Speaking to Impress Watch at E3, he said that development on the mechanics in the game was finished, but overall game development was still at the 20-to-30 percent area.

Itagaki also gave specific details as to what to expect from DT's showing at Tokyo Game Show in September, confirming that multiplayer will be on show for the first time.

He also seemed to hint that the game could make its way to Wii U. He said that he and THQ was looking into making the new system "a compatible platform," according to Andriasang.

Don't expect any Kinect support for the 360 version, though: Itagaki added that it was for the casual crowd, and that the content of Devil's Third didn't fit into that experience.

A new video on the game was posted earlier this morning.

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