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Here's a closer look at the tribes in Horizon Forbidden West

In the video, you get a look at the mysterious lands and customs of some of the new tribes.

In this new video for Horizon Forbidden West, we're given a look at some of the tribes Aloy will encounter.

In it, you will be provided with a closer look at those who live on the frontier as well as their lands and customs.

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Some of the tribes will be strange to Aloy, and some familiar. There are the Carja and Oseram which have settlements on the borders, there's the blighted fields of Plainsong that the Utaru call home, and then there's the battle-worn Clan Lands of the Tenakth. In these lands there will be new alliances fromed, but you can also expect deadly enemies to encounter.

The video doesn't divulge all the secrets of the tribes shown, because you will have to explore the lands and encounter them for yourself to learn more.

Out February 18 for PS4 and PS5, Horizon Forbidden West will feature a new storyline, new and sometimes bigger machine fauna such as the armadillo-like Rollerback, the flying Sunwing, and the snake-shaped Slitherfang, and more as you travel across a mysterious new frontier that stretches from Utah in the US to the pacific ocean on the west coast.

You can expect a world more beautiful and vibrant that in Horizon Zero Dawn, and the game will feature virtually no loading screens. The map in the game is a bit bigger than the first outing, and will feature lakes and rivers that you can swim in. There is also a red blight affecting the area, choking the plants, animals, and starving the tribes. The weather can be rather unpredictable, and can form supercell storms which will flood the prairies and the fields.

Horizon Forbidden West was announced in June 2020 during a PS5 showcase, and was initially on target for release last year before being moved into February 2022.

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