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Heroes of the Storm ranked play relaunching in June, new characters confirmed

Heroes of the Storm is due for a shake up.


Heroes of the Storm Ranked Play relaunching in June, new characters confirmed

Two major Heroes of the Storm announcements were made this weekend.

The first one isn't much of a survive; a post confirmed that Chromie and Medihv are on their way to Heroes of the Storm, along with various skins and mounts.

Chromie is "a long-range artillery mage with the ability to bend time to her will", and "some of the highest kill-potential in the game". She will be available during the week of May 17.

Medivh is "a ranged Specialist wielding arcane powers to manipulate the battlefield to the benefit of his team - and to the detriment of his enemies, with "the ability to create portals for his team and become an invulnerable Raven". He'll launch during the week of June 14.

You can get a bit of a look at both as well as the other inbound goodies in the video below.

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Also launching during the week of June 14 is a major update to ranked play in all regions. The new system is divided into League Tiers of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grand Master, each broken down into five divisions, with division one as the highest.

Players will earn their initial placement in ten qualifying matches at the beginning of each season, then gain or lose rank points with each ranked play game completed. Players will need to win a Promotion Match to ascend through tiers and divisions, and will have a chance to defend their current placement on a Demotion Match if they've been consistently losing.

To keep things fair, only players within one tier of each other will be able to queue for ranked play matches - no sherpas. Also, silenced players won't be able to enter at all, since communication is vital to serious competition.

Seasons will typically last a few months, although the first season will be a little longer. matchmaking will be a little looser than usual during the first round of placement matches in order to address feedback that players feel stuck in their current ranks.

There are all sorts of rewards on offer at various levels, and special rules for the Master and Grand Master divisions. Visit for all the details.

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