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As Blizzard leaves Heroes of the Storm behind, fans begin to revive it themselves

Resurgence of the Storm is a Starcraft 2 mod you can play right now, if you're keen to experience it yourself.

A small development team has created their own update for Heroes of the Storm, the MOBA Blizzard has kept on the backburner for some time now. Titled Resurgence of the Storm, this Starcraft 2 mod can be downloaded right now, and features new heroes and major reworks.

This was revealed to the public via a succint video overview for the mod, uploaded to the SomeoneNew YouTube channel. This video goes onto explain that the mod has been in development for roughly four years and is being released now alongside a roadmap of future updates to come.

Before concluding with instructions on how to download Resurgence of the Storm, a call to action for donations is included. According to the video, work on this mod is tantamount to a full-time job for the folks working on it. It's free to download right now, but without financial help development on Resurgence of the Storm will end come March. So if you do try it out and like what you find, consider throwing a few bucks their way.

The base version of Heroes of the Storm is certainly still kicking, but it's by no means getting as much attention as it once did. The last major update came in November of 2023, a full year after the update prior. In recent memory the game has been in maintenance mode, cruising along for those who still enjoy Blizzard's unique team-centric take on the MOBA genre but without new stuff to look forward to.

Resurgence of the Storm aims to remedy that somewhat. The overview video explains that while the mod is not a replacement for Heroes of the Storm by any means - it has significanlty less features present that the official version as you would expect from a mod - but it is an interesting twist on the formula. For those still playing HoTS, maybe this is enough to spice up the experience going into 2024.

Will you be trying it out? Let us know below, as well as your own opinions on Heroes of the Storm?

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