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Hearthstone: Team Archon releases player following cheating allegations

Hearthstone's Team Archon has released member Raphael ‘Hosty’ Tsantili from the team following cheating allegations.


The cheat allegations originated in a Reddit thread that showed Hosty watching the his opponent's stream, AKA stream sniping.

The match was played against Lifecoach in the Pinnacle 2 tournament. Team Archon later announced the news in a tweet.

"Archon has decided to release Hosty from the team. We in no way condone anything that would compromise the integrity of the game," reads the tweet.

Here's the image showing the reflection of his monitor in the mirror behind him.

hearthstone steam sniping player

What's interesting is that the tournament's steam was on a 10-minute delay. Meaning Hosty was watching a 10-minute old relay, according to PCGamer.

Hosty later tweeted that he will respond soon.

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