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Hearthstone exploit prevents people from taking their turn

It appears there's another issue with Hearthstone's dragon card Nozdormu, only this time instead of the card itself acting buggy, it allows Brewmaster cards to run out the clock on an opponents turn.

Normally when a player pulls the Nozormu card, the opponent's turn is cut from 45 to 15 seconds; however, according to a post over on Hearthpwn, there's a way for players to use long card animations to keep the opponent from taking their turn.

Animations for a card such as Youthful Brewmaster will keep opponents from taking their turn until said animation finishes. So, if the card wielder uses the combos, it will leave his opponent helpless to do anything about it.

What this does, is create a continuing loop for continuous turns. Since animations for the Brewmaster stack, when used in combination with Nozdormu it will take up all time needed for the opponent to set up their turn. Once the clock runs out, the Brewmaster trick can be played again. Ad infinitum.

We looked over the forums to see if Blizzard was aware of the issue, and planned on fixing the issue or not, and couldn't find comment on the matter as of press time.

There were three forum posts we noticed pertaining to endless game bugs, where users noted opponents abusing a bug which allowed for a never-ending turn. The response was the player had disconnected from the game server.

Whether disconnection was indeed the case in this situation or the aforementioned Brewmaster stack, we've no idea at this point.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how this works, so you can avoid it - if that's at all possible - there's a video over on Eurogamer explaining how it works.

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