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Watch the first proper trailer for Halo's live-action TV series here

This is it, Chief – watch the first trailer for the long-awaited Halo TV show here, following it's debut at The Game Awards.

We got our first look at the much-delayed and tortured Halo TV series project back at the Xbox 20th anniversary showcase in November. Then we got another brief teaser earlier this week. Now, we've finally made it – we've got a proper, damn trailer.

Forgive the dramatics, but it's been a long road for this nine-episode series getting ready to deploy. The show has had a fairly troubled development, and even lost Steven Kane – showrunner on the Paramount-produced series – earlier this year. It's just not been easy getting Halo off the pad and onto the screen.

But, that's all behind us now: take a look at the brand new trailer for the Halo TV series below.

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The show casts American Gods’ Pablo Schreiber as the man behind the iconic helmet, with Natascha McElhone joining the cast as Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey (Master Chief's 'mum') and Cortana’s actress, Jen Taylor, will reprise her role for the show, too. She can bring some of that mum/girlfriend energy to the poor, tortured man in the power armour once again.

The show will air on Paramount Plus in the US, and there is still – somehow – no actual air date for the damn thing.

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