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At long last, Halo Infinite Season 2 ‘Lone Wolves’ kicks off in May

The long awaited second season is bringing new maps, modes, and limited time events to the game next month.

Halo Infinite is finally receiving its second season of multiplayer content on May 3, bringing with it new maps, game modes, and a battle pass. Titled ‘Lone Wolves’, a new trailer shows off just a glimpse of what we can expect from the sci-fi shooter next month.

While we’re lacking details on exactly what we can expect, the main new map we see appears to be in some sort of sandy industrial outpost, with a large chasm where you can jump your Warthog over a deadly lake of lava.

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The season's main art features three unique spartans wearing new armour we see in action throughout the trailer. We see a bright blue visor on one spartan, paired with a distinctive new chest piece with extra ammo strapped to the front. We also somewhat see one character with a green tactical helmet too, although that’s by far the outfit we see the least of.

The main attraction comes from the central spartan in the art, and the one we see the most of in the trailer. With a red and brown armour core equipped, this character has a bright red visor with little teeth painted on the front. As anyone who has played Halo multiplayer before can vouch, these sorts of helmets are always popular. Who knows, maybe it can knock Emile’s helmet from season one of its perch for a while?

This season comes a whopping five months since the release of season 1, which came out alongside the game and withstood much controversy in the early days. While it is inevitably going to come with new events to play, and will appeal to the Halo Infinite crowd who enjoy the excellent core gameplay present there, it remains to be seen if this season will retain many of the problems a portion of the community had with the previous one.

Nonetheless, Halo Infinite is a great game we wholeheartedly recommended in our review last year. If you’ve been looking for a great opportunity to jump back in, May 3 could be the perfect opportunity to do so.

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