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Halo Infinite has dynamic weather, but will be missing some fan favorite functionality

You can't play as Elites or dual-wield weapons in this upcoming title.

We now know a little bit more about what to expect from Halo Infinite.

Developer 343 Industries held a live-stream event yesterday to give us a bit more information about the next entry in the Halo franchise. Among other things, the studio revealed that Infinite has a dynamic weather system, which will feature wind and fog systems when the game is launched. Storms and snowstorms might be added after release. There's also a day-night cycle, which will change how enemies act towards you.

343 also provided a bit more clarity about what kind of open-world experience Halo Infinite would be. The studio said that it is inspired by the original Halo's Silent Cartographer mission, which saw players able to choose how to approach an objective. While there are obviously enemies for Master Chief to dispatch – and multiple biomes to explore – there isn't any hostile wildlife in Infinite.

The Microsoft-owned developer also confirmed that players won't be able to dual wield weapons in Halo Infinite. This has been a standard feature in the franchise since Halo 2. You also won't be able to play as an Elite, either, as "this is a Master Chief and Spartan story."

Oh, and you can kick stuff off the edge of the game's Zeta Halo setting. In case that's your thing.

Halo Infinite is currently on track for release in fall 2021. The title was initially set for launch at the end of 2020 alongside the Xbox Series X/S but was pushed back following a gameplay showcase that failed to impress fans.

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