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Halo Infinite Campaign co-op beta now available to PC and Xbox Insiders

Long time coming.

343 Industries has launched the beta test for Halo Infinite's long-awaited Campaign Co-op mode and it comes with Mission Replay.

Available to Insiders on PC and Xbox, Infinite's co-op supports four players and cross-play, meaning you can play with others across PC, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S. All progress earned in co-op will also transfer over to your single-player campaign.

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The flight also includes Mission Replay. In Infinite, missions are locations in a much larger playspace of other mission locations. Because of this, with Mission Replay, you will use the Tac-Map. It is your gateway to interacting with individual missions.

To do a replay, in either solo or co-op, you can open up your Tac-Map, highlight a completed mission, and then choose Replay. You will then be prompted to select the difficulty and given the option to activate any Skulls you or your teammates have collected.

Setting a mission to replay will reset it and teleport you and your fireteam to the location.

To get in on the beta, if you are an Xbox Insider, you need only to visit the hub to join the flight. If you are on PC, know that only those who signed up to be an Insider will be chosen to participate.

If everything goes according to plan, Campaign Co-op is slated for release sometime in late August.

Originally slated to arrive at the start of Season 2, the mode was delayed to create a "high-quality, full-featured four-player network co-op experience." Once flighting is over, and the team has worked on any necessary changes, you can expect a release date soon after.

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