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Halo 4 UK price round-up: get it cheapest here

Halo 4 is out tomorrow and to save you the madness of trying to figure out who's selling it cheapest, we've done all the hard work for you. Get all of the prices below.

Also, if you want to check out our single player and multiplayer Halo 4 reviews, hit the links here:

So, who is selling Halo 4 cheapest? Let's crack on shall we?

Zavvi - £37.95 - £39.99 (with DeadEye Helmet skin)
Amazon - £37.99
Green Man Gaming - £37.99
Shopto - £37.85 (with Assassin Armour Emblem)
HMV - £37.99
GAME - £39.99
ASDA - £34.97
Tesco - £35.00 (with Raptor Armour Skin)
Sainsbury's - £36.99

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