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GTA Online Media Stick locations | Where to find Circoloco Records EPs

The best part of owning your own ride is that you get to pick the music. With the latest update, exclusive Circoloco Records EPs have been scattered around GTA Online on media sticks for you to find.

Each media stick contains a different EP that you can play through your car radio in-game, with an additional mix unlocking when you find the first four.

There are currently 5 Media Stick locations in GTA Online that are widely known about.

These are four different colored EPs, Violet, Green, Blue, and Black, as well as one bonus media stick in the trunk of a car. The presence of this extra USB drive suggests there could be even more hidden somewhere around Los Santos, so we'll update this list if more are discovered.

GTA Online Media Stick locations - Circoloco records

To collect all of the media sticks in GTA Online, you will need access to not only a couple of the most exclusive spots in town, but have bought into some of the game's business opportunities too.

The four Circoloco Records Media Stick locations are as follows:

GTA Online Blue EP Media Stick location

You'll find the Blue EP media stick on a table in the rooftop bar area of the Diamond Casino and resort in the East Vinewood area of Los Santos.

Either make your way up through the building or fly to the top, then look for the black tables with yellow seating.

GTA Online Green EP Media Stick location

Next up, to track down the Green Media Stick you need to own the arcade business opportunity from the Diamond Casino heist.

Inside, go up to the bar and you'll see the USB drive on the counter.

GTA Online Violet EP Media Stick location

The Violet media stick is inside of another business opportunity. Make your way into the Nightclub office and you'll find the music on Tony's desk.

GTA Online Black EP Media Stick location

And finally, this one is the easiest to find. At the back of the LS Car Meet, in the Mod Shop area next to the Prize Car, you'll see a red workbench next to the engineer.

The Black Media Stick is on top of the workbench.

For a video walkthrough, we've embedded the below video from YouTuber Captain:

When you've snagged these four, you also get a bonus mix: "CLR Launch Party (Seth Troxler).

GTA Online Media Stick locations - MoodyMann Kenny's Backyard Boogie

The 5th media stick you can collect is also found inside the LS Car Meet.

As shown in the video above from YouTuber James, look for the white car in the meet with the popped trunk and the license plate that reads: "Moodymann".

This car can show up in different locations throughout the Meet garage, so you will probably have to scout around a bit to find it. But if it's definitely not there, try leaving and going back into the Meet to refresh the cars there.

Some reports say you need to have completed the Moodymann request missions during the Cayo Perico heist before you can collect this USB.

On top of the vinyl inside the trunk you'll find another Media Stick, this time featuring "Kenny's Backyard Boogie".

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