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GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars - How to start Fooliganz Jobs

The Fooliganz have plenty for you to do

The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC is in full swing in GTA Online. The first half of this two-part update has brought new characters, missions, and content with it. You can also gain a new business where you make and sell acid, as well as helping battle the Lost MC with your new friends the Fooliganz.

Alongside the new story missions, Dax and the Fooliganz have their own set of jobs for you to do. Most of them involve sabotaging other drug businesses and annoying the Lost MC even further. Without further ado, we're going to show you how to start the GTA Online Fooliganz Jobs. Also, for the rest of this week, you can get 2x GTA$ and RP on all Fooliganz Jobs.

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GTA Online: How to get the Fooliganz Jobs

To get the Fooliganz Jobs in GTA Online, you need to complete the first mission of the "first dose" Drug Wars missions. This is the one where you answer the phone call from Ron and go to meet him at Liquor Ace. After you've completed this mission, check your phone contacts. Dax should be listed there now.

You can then use your phone to call Dax. Once he answers, you'll see two options appear in the top corner of your screen. To get a Fooliganz Job, select the "request work" option. Dax will then cut the call off and this is where you need to wait for a few seconds. Then, you'll get another call from him that signals the start of your Fooliganz Job and he will detail exactly what you need to do.

GTA Online, official Rockstar image of the Freakshop with the MTL Brickade 6x6
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What are the payouts for the Fooliganz Jobs?

Each time you successfully complete a Fooliganz Job, you can earn $100,000 plus any of the extra bits of cash you pick up from downed enemies.

That's our guide on how to get Fooliganz Jobs in GTA Online. If you want to check out more of our GTA Online articles, you can learn how to start the Drug Wars DLC and you can learn how to get the new Acid Lab business too.

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