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GTA 5 Stunt Jump Guide - All GTA 5 Stunt Jump Locations

A walkthrough for all 50 stunt jumps in GTA 5, including stunt jump locations, images, and how to stick the landing.

Welcome to a complete walkthrough of all 50 stunt jumps in GTA 5. Not only will we be giving players a description of each jump, including how to land it, but we'll also provide two images for every single stunt jump in the game. One image will be of the map, showing you GTA 5 stunt jump locations, while the second image will be a screenshot of the jump itself. Simply put, this will act as player's one-stop-shop for all of their GTA 5 stunt jump needs.

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GTA 5 Stunt Jump Tips and Tricks

  • Because Franklin has the ability to slow time and take advantage of increased handling, he is the obvious choice for any difficult stunt jumps.
  • If there's a specific vehicle required to complete the jump we'll be sure to state that, but more often than not the Maibatsu Sanchez or Truffade Adder will do the trick.
  • For players that opt to go with some type of motorcycle for a jump, give Michael, Trevor or Franklin a moment to put their helmet on.
  • Should any of the three characters take damage during a jump, find a first aid kit to heal them up, or perhaps a store for them to snag some food or a drink.
  • If Franklin owns the Los Santos Customs in the Gran Senora Desert, players can fully upgrade a vehicle that they wish to use for stunt jumps without spending a dime.
  • Use the quick save option that all three characters have on their phone prior to attempting a jump, allowing a quick re-load should they fail.

GTA 5 Stunt Jump Locations

Carry on reading out GTA 4 stunt jump locations guide to get all the info you need to find all the stunt jumps in the massive world of GTA 5. We've also got tips on how to complete each stunt jump in the game.

Stunt Jump #1 | Vinewood Hills | Franklin's Bravado Buffalo

This jump can be completed in any vehicle, but we went with Franklin's Bravado Buffalo. In order to be successful players will need to clear the Baytree Canyon Road, landing in the ditch on the opposite side.

Stunt Jump #2 | Little Seoul | Franklin's Bravado Buffalo

For this stunt jump we again used Franklin's Bravado Buffalo, but players should be careful to get too much speed. Land on the right side of the lower on-ramp to successfully complete the jump.

Stunt Jump #3 | North Calafia Way | Maibatsu Sanchez

Slower vehicles can definitely come up short on this stunt jump, but we were able to knock it off with our favorite bike, the Maibatsu Sanchez. Just watch out for various wildlife predators roaming about.

Stunt Jump #4 | Paleto Bay | BF Dune Buggy

To complete this stunt jump players will need to jump from one side of the broken bridge to the other. We went with the BF Dune Buggy, most likely because it was just sitting around somewhere nearby.

Stunt Jump #5 | Raton Pass | Shitzu Vader

Players can use pretty much any fast car or motorcycle here, but we went with a Shitzu Vader, one of our go to vehicles for the stunt jumps in GTA V.

Stunt Jump #6 | Through Parking Garage | Franklin's Bravado Buffalo

Start on the opposite side of the street from the parking garage, speeding up to the second level and hitting the ramp with a fast car or motorcycle. Players must clear the fence to complete the jump.

Stunt Jump #7 | Parking Garage & Over Peaceful Street | Shitzu Vader

A motorcycle will allow players to do a few laps and gain some speed on the top level of the parking garage, hitting the downed billboard and clearly Peaceful Street to complete the jump.

Stunt Jump #8 | Del Perro Freeway Overpass | Shitzu Vader

A great deal of speed isn't necessary for this stunt jump, and even though we completed it on a motorcycle a car might be better - the oncoming traffic in the landing zone can complicate things.

Stunt Jump #9 | Equality Way | Shitzu Vader

Get a good run at this stunt jump, as players will need to travel about 170 to 180 feet through the air to be successful. Land on the freeway, but be careful not to hit any vehicles in the process.

Stunt Jump #10 | Rockford Plaza | Shitzu Vader

This stunt jump carries a high probability of crashing, so players will want to make sure their helmets are on and their health topped up. Land on the far side of San Vitus Boulevard without hitting any vehicles.

Stunt Jump #11 | Into Richman | Franklin's Bravado Buffalo

Use Franklin for this stunt jump so that players can use his special ability to correct their angle when hitting the ramp. Try to keep the vehicle square to the launch point and land on Picture Perfect Way.

Stunt Jump #12 | El Gordo Lighthouse | BF Surfer

Successfully completing (or even failing) this stunt jump means a swim in the ocean. Use any vehicle that's handy, trying to land on the rock to the right of the lighthouse. Save the game before attempting.

Stunt Jump #13 | Prison Jump | Shitzu Vader

Save the game before attempting this stunt jump, as death is a near certainty even if players succeed. The goal is to land beyond the two fences, but before the building on the inside of the prison yard.

Stunt Jump #14 | Pillbox Hill Stairs | Shitzu Vader

This stunt jump might require a motorcycle of some sort given the narrow path players must travel to hit it. The landing zone is the sidewalk just before Strawberry Avenue.

Stunt Jump #15 | Pagoda | Shitzu Vader

A speedy ride isn't necessary for this stunt jump, but we had the Shitzu Vader handy so that's what we used. Land on the street just beyond the pagoda, or even the grass on the opposite side.

Stunt Jump #16 | Boat Shop Sprunk Ramp | Shitzu Vader

Franklin's special ability comes in handy with this stunt jump, as players will need to make a sharp turn in their lead up to the ramp. Land on the freeway and avoid hitting vehicles to complete this.

Stunt Jump #17 | South Los Santos Garage Jump | Shitzu Vader

Head to the top level of the parking garage to find the stunt jump, getting some speed and landing on Innocence Boulevard. Players will need to clear the towing impound.

Stunt Jump #18 | Pillbox Overpass | Shitzu Vader

This stunt jump is possible in a car, but players will find it much easier on a bike. Get a good run at it and try to land on San Andreas Boulevard below to complete it.

Stunt Jump #19 | Construction Jump | Vapid Sandking XL

Vehicle choice shouldn't matter for this stunt jump, as players will be able to complete it in just about anything. Jump over the fence and land in the alley further on to complete the task.

Stunt Jump #20 | Under the Overpass | Pegassi Infernus

We'd love to tell you that we completed this stunt jump with the Pegassi Infernus for a valid reason, but it just worked out that way. Land under the overpass to ensure success.

Stunt Jump #21 | Golf Course | Shitzu Vader

Players will likely get a two star wanted level the moment the drive onto the course. Take a bike to make things easier, but speed is not a concern. Just land on the opposite side of the broken bridge.

Stunt Jump #22 | Dockyard River Jump | Shitzu Vader

Due to how narrow the launch point is, a bike is the way to go for this stunt jump. Land on the opposite side of the river (in the dirt), making sure not to hit any obstacles that might result in bodily harm.

Stunt Jump #23 | Sandy Shores Motel | Shitzu Vader

Get a really good run at this stunt jump, aiming to land either in the dirt ramp that's located inside the pool, or just beyond the pool itself. Landing in the pool will probably hurt... a lot.

Stunt Jump #24 | Freeway to Drain | Shitzu Vader

Franklin's special ability is useful for this stunt jump, as the approach and last second corrections can throw other characters off. Land in the drain (but not the water) to knock this one off the list.

Stunt Jump #25 | Multi-Story Garage Jump | Shitzu Vader

Head to the top of a parking garage to find this stunt jump, launching off the ramp and landing on the sidewalk or on Capital Boulevard itself. This one should be pretty easy.

Stunt Jump #26 | La Puerta Freeway Switch | Shitzu Vader

This stunt jump can be hard to find in the maze of on and off ramps that's it's hidden within. Look at our map for the exact location, then use Franklin's special ability to avoid traffic. Land on the opposite side of the freeway to complete the jump.

Stunt Jump #27 | Airport Jump 1 | Shitzu Vader

This is the easiest of the three airport stunt jumps. Look for a garbage bin with a ramp inside of it, hitting the wooden launch point straight on. Landing on the other side of the gate is the key, but if Franklin doesn't own a hanger this could result in a wanted level.

Stunt Jump #28 | The Jetty | Shitzu Vader

Franklin's special ability will come in handy for this one, and a bike of some sort is almost mandatory given how narrow the launch point is. Land in the grass, or the gas station lot itself to complete the jump.

Stunt Jump #29 | Sandy Shores Landing Strip | Shitzu Vader

This stunt jump is pretty simple, but can be complicated by the fact the jump itself is hard to see. Essentially, aim for the boulder, making sure to land on or near the landing strip itself to be successful.

Stunt Jump #30 | La Puerta Drain Jump 1 | Shitzu Vader

This was another hard one to find, but we fee as if our map should eliminate the problems players could have with this stunt jump. It's a simple one when it's found - jump over the drain and land on the other side.

Stunt Jump #31 | Terminal Jump | Shitzu Vader

Players will want to get a good run at this stunt jump, making sure to either land on the freeway (without hitting the divider), or jumping over it completely. Save the game in case something goes sideways here.

Stunt Jump #32 | Wind Farm | Shitzu Vader

This is another stunt jump where saving the game before attemping it is advised. This is due to the fact that on a motorcycle, freeway traffic presents a real problem. In order to pass this jump, players will need to land past the railway tracks and on the road itself.

Stunt Jump #33 | Buccaneer Way | Shitzu Vader

A motorcycle is best for this jump, as the speed and size will allow players to make the minor in-air adjustments needed to land correctly. Make sure to land in the far lane of Buccaneer Way to be successful.

Stunt Jump #34 | Port of Los Santos Jump 1 | Shitzu Vader

Pay close attention to our map so you know you're hitting the right stunt jump. For this one, players need to clear the water and land on opposite side. Save the game prior to jumping, as landing in the water will see Franklin's vehicle destroyed.

Stunt Jump #35 | Port of Los Santos Jump 2 | Maibatsu Sanchez

Franklin's special ability is key here, as the stunt jump requires some precision driving. Get a good bit of speed, landing on the roof of the adjacent warehouse.

Stunt Jump #36 | Port of Los Santos Jump 3 | Maibatsu Sanchez

This stunt jump is complicated by the landing, requiring players to avoid some debris on the warehouse roof. It tooks a few tries, but we finally realized that we didn't need to be going full tilt to pull this one off.

Stunt Jump #37 | Port of Los Santos Jump 4 | Truffade Adder

We switched it up to a Truffade Adder for this one, although we can't recall if there was a specific reason why. Either way, with Franklin's special ability it should be no problem. Just make sure to land on the freeway without touching any guardrails.

Stunt Jump #38 | Port of Los Santos Jump 5 | Truffade Adder

While a motorcycle may seem like the obvious choice here, we didn't want to drive all the way back to our garage for one jump. Franklin's special ability makes this possible in an Adder, although it took us a few tries. Go very light on the speed if you're in an Adder - it won't take much.

Stunt Jump #39 | Port of Los Santos Jump 6 | Truffade Adder

This stunt jump might require a test run, and if players haven't done so in a few jumps, saving the game is a good option here. The goal is to land to the right of the silos, which isn't very hard. Speed is almost never an issue with the Adder, so go for precision first.

Stunt Jump #40 | Port of Los Santos Jump 7 | Truffade Adder

This stunt jump can be done by motorcycle or the Truffade Adder, but we went Adder simply because that's the car we were already in. Make sure to clear the canal to enjoy a successful landing.

Stunt Jump #41 | Airport Jump 2 | Truffade Adder

This stunt jump is just ridiculous (as is the next one), requiring players to launch themselves into the air and make several corrections, landing on all four tires in an oval parking lot. Save the game and expect this to take multiple attempts.

Stunt Jump #42 | Airport Jump 3 | Truffade Adder

Just like the previous stunt jump, file this one under fun but dumb. A lot of lead-up isn't necessary for players in the Adder. Instead, fcus on landing on all four wheels atop the nearby parking garage.

Stunt Jump #43 |La Puerta Drain Jump 3 | Truffade Adder

The Adder is perfect for this stunt jump, as speed is key. Players will need to jump over several roads and obstacles, landing in the helicopter landing area a short distance away. Hit the breaks when landing to try and avoid ending up in the water.

Stunt Jump #44 | Palomino Avenue | Truffade Adder

Honestly, the Truffade Adder might be able to hit this stunt jump in reverse, although we didn't try. Don't worry about speed, just make sue to land on Palomino Avenue to pass this easy jump.

Stunt Jump #45 | La Puerta Slip | Truffade Adder

Franklin's special ability helps with this stunt jump, as avoiding the traffic during the approach is the toughest part. Just aim for the on-ramp at 12 o'clock, landing with all four wheels on the road.

Stunt Jump #46 | Across Freeway | Truffade Adder

There's a lot of luck involved in this stunt jump, as traffic can't ever be predicted. Get as much speed as possible, hitting the ramp and sailing all the way to the opposite side of La Puerta Freeway

Stunt Jump #47 | Rockford Hills Arcade | Truffaded Adder

This stunt jump will only require about 40 percent of the power players can get from the Adder, but aiming is a pain. Make sure to land between the two concrete walls on either side of the path.

Stunt Jump #48 | Rockford Hills Subway | Truffade Adder

We sailed about 200 feet too far when we attempted this stunt jump, so work more on precision rather than being concerned with speed. Try to hit the sidewalk on the other side of the garage, but on the opposite side of the street.

Stunt Jump #49 | El Burro Srcapyard | Truffade Adder

The second to last stunt jump in GTA 5 is pretty simple. Just get some speed and try to land near or past the telephone pole. As always, four wheels on the ground seriously ups the chances of success.

Stunt Jump #50 | Elysian Rock Pile Jump

The final stunt jump in GTA 5 is close to the previous one, and it requires players to land on the nearby freeway without hitting any cars, and making sure all four wheels touch the ground. Good luck, and congratulations on completing all 50 stunt jumps.

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