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Gravediggers - Journey Collector's Edition minigame sounds like fun

Thatgamecompany has released a video for is Gravediggers, one of the minigames included with the Journey Collector's Edition.

The disc will come with two other minigames as well, and all three were created during a internal 24-hour game jam at the studio.

In Gravediggers,
according to Polygon
, players are a grave digger armed with a gun for killing zombies. After you kill one, you put its head into two crypts.

Players will be competing with up to five other local players, and the first to bury 50 heads wins. You can also bury your opponents for more points, and if you pop one, they will drop all their heads.

Note though, that if you die and lose your head, you will come back as a zombie, and in order to become human once more, you have to get your head back.

It sounds fun. See for yourself below.

The Journey Collector's Edition releases August 28 in the US.

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