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Breaking: Gears of War movie financier in talks to buy Epic (update)

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Update: Epic says no comment on this.

Right purchasee – wrong purchaser. According to a report by Variety, there’s a “For Sale” sign in Epic’s window after all. However, it’s not EA that’s trying to wrangle a deal; it’s film financier Legendary Pictures.

Legendary Pictures, who’s previously thrown its considerable weight behind films like The Dark Knight and Superman Returns, is currently assisting Epic in the development of a Gears of War movie. Bringing Cliffy and co. under its umbrella, then, seems like a plausible next step.

Variety cites “multiple sources close to both companies,” who say that talks are already under way. Company execs, on the other hand, refuse to comment.

Considering where the report originates, though, we’d say this is a fairly safe bet. Of course, talks like this fall through all the time, so we may never even see an official announcement.

Either way, as long as we get Gears 2, we think we’ll make it.

By Nathan Grayson

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