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GDC: It's "really important" to back low-priced consoles, says Molyneux

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Speaking here, Peter "The Dog" Molyneux has said he believes that Microsoft's decision to bring out an Xbox 360 with no hard drive was the right one, and that he's supporting with Fable 2.

"Given the choice, I'd obviously choose a hard drive every day of the week," he said, "but the balance to that is you're supporting a system which is an awful lot cheaper.

"What I'm trying to address with Fable 2 is say 'Look, anybody can play this game.' That's what I really want. So supporting the cheaper price is really important."

Molyneux is hot stuff at the moment, especially after last night's keynote presentation of Fable 2. Watch for more on Xbox 360's big 2008 hitters later this year.

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