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Lionhead: No Fable II PC due to "new projects"

Dreaming if you're ever going to get a PC version of Fable II? Dream on: Lionhead's said that there won't be such a conversion due to the developer now working on "new projects."

The comments come ahead of this week's launch of Fable III for PC.

"With Fable III the team and time was right to create a PC version," senior designer Mike West told Beefjack.

"Once the game went to submission the content creators started working on DLC and therefore the coders were free to start on the PC version.

"Unfortunately for Fable II fans, those same coders are already working on new projects and going back to a Fable II conversion isn’t a priority I’m afraid."

A PC version of Fable III was announced just after GDC last March, but went completely dark until X11 back in San Francisco in February, months after the 360 version released. It launches in the US tomorrow and in the UK on Friday.

On the other hand, Fable II released on 360 back in October 2008, but never got a PC version. By the sounds of it, it may never will.

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