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Lionhead has "a very clear idea where Fable will go in the future"

Lionhead has an clear idea what the future holds for the next Fable, and it plans to make it stand "head and shoulders up," with any other developer in the industry.

Speaking in an interview with CVG fresh off his BAFTA award, Peter Molyneux said that after the success of Fable 2, his expectations for the third installment were "sky high."

"I totally blame myself, not anyone upstairs, who all did a wonderful job," he said. "The planning was the problem. We had to look at the process. I think we took Fable 3 and realized it wasn't quite up-to-date with [the best modern games] and that we need to go forward.

"But the great thing about Fable is there's nothing quite like it out there. There's nothing wrong with FPS games, but they are what they are - their currency is what they blow up. Our currency is this beautiful charming dramatic world that has different things in it every day.

"I have a very clear idea where Fable will go in the future. Trying to be diplomatic, I think that whatever we do next with Fable, we should just amaze people with the quality. If we go on, we're not just going to make another Fable, we're going to make something that stands head and shoulders up with anybody else out there - the best of the best - in terms of its technology, its drama and its storytelling."

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