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Future "experimenting" with charged online games content


Future's confirmed it's planning on charging for web content, and is already dipping its toe in the water.

"We're experimenting in small places right across the portfolio, because we don't have the answer yet," said CEO Stevie Spring in an interview with Brand Republic. "Our strategy online is do and learn. We're learning as we go along."

The exec added: "When you come to our content and the reason that we can charge an average of five pounds for a magazine is that we do very nice, very must-have, very special content, and if anybody is going to pay for anything they are more likely to pay for that. That's why we use the word prosumer, it's much closer to business-to-business."

So. We're going to start charging a quid a day for VG247 starting next week. You're all up for that; right?

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