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You better believe that Fornite is adding some classic Naruto villain skins

This is the second Naruto collaboration the battle royale has had.

If you can believe it, more Naruto skins are on their way to Fortnite, adding in some fan favourite characters.

Earlier this week (June 15), Epic Games teased the arrival of more Naruto characters coming to the immensely popular battle royale. The teaser image didn't really show much, other than the word "Rivals!" And now the upcoming characters seem to have been revealed in an issue of Shonen Jump Magazine, which includes Hinata, Gaara, Itachi, and Orichimaru.

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Based on the teaser from Epic Games, these four characters should be joining the game June 23, so towards the end of next week. An official reveal hasn't been made yet, but with the date right around the corner we can probably expect a formal trailer to drop soon.

For the non-weeb readers, the "rivals" tease mostly makes sense, with Gaara initially being an enemy of Naruto's, Itachi being Sasuke's older, sort of villainous brother, and Orichimaru being one of the earlier main antagonists.

Hinata isn't exactly a rival to any of the current Naruto characters that are in Fortnite though, especially considering she ends up being the main love interest of Naruto himself (sorry NaruSaku fans, it was never going to happen).

More Naruto characters aren't the only ones expected to join the world of Fornite in the coming months though. Prominent Fortnite leaker and news sharer ShiinaBR recently shared a rumour that Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa will be joining the game later this year, or potentially in 2023.

Fortnite has had its fair share of Star Wars skins, so this wouldn't be particularly surprising, though the wide release window might be. It would also mark the second time one of Harrison Ford's characters made it into the game, as Indiana Jones is currently available as a skin in this season's battle pass.

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