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Fortnite: get eliminations at a Hot Spot

Hot Spots were added in an earlier update and you'll need to visit them as part of the Smash and Grab challenges in Fortnite.

This week, you'll need to visit, damage and eliminate opponents at a Hot Spot. A Hot Spot is a named location that has gold text on the map. It changes regularly, so keep your eye out for a gold-lettered location this week.

There's every chance a second Hot Spot might be added for this challenge as the named location will get busy very quickly, so make sure you land there first or go and grab a weapon before you head over.

Fortnite: Hot Spot challenge

There are three stages to this challenge, including a Prestige challenge. Once you've located the Hot Spot, you'll need to:

  • Land at a Hot Spot in different matches (0/3)
  • Deal damage to opponents at Hot Spots (0/200)
  • Eliminate opponents (0/3)

Once you've managed to complete all these steps you'll get your Battle Stars.

You can check out our Fortnite Season 10 challenge guide here if you're struggling to complete the new Prestige challenges.

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