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For Honor: this is our first look at gameplay for the new Centurion, Shinobi heroes

Take a look at the two new heroes for the Knights, and Samurai in For Honor.

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Last week, Ubisoft confirmed details of For Honor's first DLC, Shadow and Might. Shadow and Might brings two new heroes, Centurion, and Shinobi, and today, we get to see them in action.

The developer dropped two trailers for the new heroes in a livestream recently. The trailers follow the same format as all previous character showcases, starting off with a brief introduction before getting into a montage of some of their best moves.

Above, you can see The Centurion, part of the Knights faction. Centurion is a Hybrid class, relying solely on his Gladius (one-handed sword). He deals damage at close range and has some brutal executions.

Below, we have a trailer for Shinobi, the Samurai Assassin who wields the Kusarigama. Shinobi is very nimble, as you can see, and some his attacks have him phase in and out of a smoke screen very quickly, which could be hard to read in multiplayer.

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Centurion, and Shinobi will be available for season pass holders starting May 16.

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