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For Honor players hit with network errors as matchmaking servers struggle

Matchmaking servers groan under the weight of For Honor's launch player base.


For Honor had quite a lot of betas, but even they might not have prepared Ubisoft for the sheer number of players trying to get on board with their frantic melee combat battler - as a mere day after launch the game's matchmaking infrastructure appears to be groaning under the pressure.

Players are reporting a wide variety of errors across all three of the game's platforms, from basic network and connection errors down to more specific matchmaking errors, the blunt 'matchmaking failed' and even a particularly dreaded error message more common for Xbox players - 'Requirements not Met'.

The requirements not met message seems to be a particularly strange one, since as far as we can tell it's related to the game thinking you're in a one-man party but still aren't the party leader. That, of course, should be impossible... and that seems to be just one circumstance in which this bug can trigger.

This particular error has people on places like the Ubi Forums, GameFAQs and other communities tearing their hair out, though it does seem like for many the problem is naturally going away once the servers are done playing catch up. As previously mentioned, that particular error seems to be most prolific on Xbox One, though there's errors outside the requirements not met bug popping up across all platforms.

Ubi has also released a list of currently known bugs, plus suggestions on how to fix them all.

Online-only games are no stranger to rocky launches, of course, and players have a pretty good reason to keep plugging away at trying to make For Honor work - it's a pretty damn good game. We fully understand why so many people are slamming the servers, because slicing people up in this brawler is, well, super cool. Once you actually get into a match, you might want to use our top tips for beginners to help you kick ass.

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