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Finally, you can lather up in Mario and Luigi's cream

LUSH knows what most Mario fans really want.

In an announcement that lead to an array of inappropriate puns in the team’s Slack this morning (via Vooks), LUSH is collaborating with the Super Mario Bros. Movie to bring fans a collection of Mario-related bath and shower products.

Simply put, you can now level up your lavation with Luigi’s liquids. Also, Mario, Bowser, and Peach’s own scents, if you fancy. If you ever wanted to rub a little bit of Mario and co. across your body, this collection has you covered.

As is the case with any Lush collaboration (see: LUSH x One Piece), all the items available are limited. Meaning that once they’re gone, they’re gone, and you know what fans of LUSH can be like!

The collection is available to purchase via the LUSH app right now (can confirm, I have broken my bank for the sweet scent of Luigi), and will be more widely available on the Lush website as of tomorrow, March 24.

What items are in the collection, though?

  • Princess Peach Body Spray - Peach and Pineapple scented, what a surprise!
  • 2-in-1 Power-Up Block Bath Bomb - What power up will you get inside yours?
  • Bowser Shower Jelly - Cinnamon and Lime scented.
  • Princess Peach Shower Jelly - Peach and Pineapple scented, of course.
  • Mario Shower Gel - Cola scented.
  • Luigi Shower Gel - Apple scented.
  • Gold Coin Soap Bar - Honey scented.

Combine any of these with last year’s gamer bath water, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate hot tub stream, to end all hot tub streams.

Will you be picking up any of the collection? Let us know. This is probably not the last time I’ll be talking about lathering up with Luigi, and certainly isn’t the only time we’ve discussed letting Mario take on more mature genres.

I think it's important, right now more than ever, that we don't forget the time Tumblr did the maths surrounding Luigi's manhood, too. I'll stop talking about animated plumbers inappropriately now. Until next time!

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