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We replaced Chris Pratt with Charles Martinet in The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer

Mario's original voice actor has quite the range.

^We've re-dubbed the Super Mario Bros. movie trailer with Charles Martinet's voice work in order to give you a taste of what might have been. Stick around after the ads to hear the surprising results.

Many fans are outraged by the fact that the original voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, will not be bringing his classic take on the character to the silver screen. Instead, he's been replaced by Hollywood superstar Chris Pratt, a move which many have dismissed as stunt casting, on the grounds that Chris Pratt isn't Italian and famously doesn't even like cured meats.

While Charles Martinet isn't a Hollywood name (ask one of your normal mates about him and expect blank stares before a suggestion that he's a footballer or something), he's far from just the "voice of Mario." He's got quite a few voices, actually.

Should Charles have played Mario in the 2023 animated movie? On clout alone, probably not. On experience leading huge budget movies? No. Because he's actually a great voice actor? Maybe. We'd have liked to see how it would have turned out. As this little window into an alternative reality shows - it might have been rather great.

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