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Final Fantasy XIV PS3 "not behind schedule"

Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida has confirmed the MMORPG is on track for a scheduled Q1 2013 launch on PlayStation 3.

"As we have stated in our roadmap, which is available on our official site - that schedule we have there, we're currently meeting that schedule," Yoshida promised Eurogamer.

"So, we're not behind schedule. And we hope to have the game out pretty much at the same time that people expect."

The producer confirmed that the revamped PC version of FFXIV and the PS3 release are in simultaneous development.

"The teams that are working on developing have both the PC version up and the PS3 version up, making sure that development is going at the same time," he said.

"Of course, because the PS3 has memory limitations - they're limitations that are not on the PC - there has to be some optimising that has to be done. We're working on that currently, right now."

Asked whether it might not make sense to hold the MMO in reserve for the next PlayStation console, Yoshida said it might be on the table after next-generation hardware is confirmed - but first, PS3 owners should have their patience rewarded.

"We made a promise to our players that we are going to release this on PlayStation 3. So we must first fulfil that promise. That is our first goal. We must work as hard as we can to fulfil the promise that we made to the players," he said.

"Once we've made that promise, then we can move on to the next promise. And at that time, if moving on to a new piece of hardware is there, then that will be our next promise."

Final Fantasy XIV was expected to launch on PlayStation 3 in January of 2010 but has ben delayed multiple times. The PC version was poorly received, and went free to play for several months while Square Enix scrambled to address subscriber concerns. A significant overhaul dubbed Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 is expected at the end of the year or early next year.

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