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Final Fantasy 15's Stadia-Exclusive Content Looks Rough as Hell

Of monster trucks and men.

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You'd be forgiven for forgetting that Final Fantasy 15 has exclusive content only available for Google Stadia. I have just now discovered this exclusive content for Google's platform, and it's... something.

The tweet thread that starts out below has something magical about it. It's like watching a car crash unfold. Literally, because all the monster truck version of Final Fantasy 15's Regalia does is crash into things over and over again.

If you thought the monster truck mode above was bad, wait until you see the mode below. Noctis has to fly around the map in the airship version of the Regalia, collecting odds and ends for Cindy back at her garage. These odds and ends are vehicles and evil Empire troops, however.

I need to know how this content came to be. Firstly, how is there still new content for Final Fantasy 15 being made in 2020, and secondly, who over at Square Enix decided that this is the content that would entice Google Stadia owners to buy the game. There are some things that I am simply destined to never know.

Well, that was all a bit much. In other Final Fantasy news, there's now barely a month until Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches on April 10, 2020. Hopefully it'll be a little better than what's shown off here.

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