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Final Fantasy 14's interface gets an AR overhaul with this HoloLens mock-up

Final Fantasy 14's gameplay takes centre stage with HoloLens interface mock-up.

Twitter user Tanufuku has made a mock-up of what it would be like if Final Fantasy 14 could be tweaked for HoloLens support.

The video shows the gameplay taking centre stage on a small monitor while the various menus are suspended around the display.

The general gist of the tweet is that by having the UI outside of the screen, players can be more immersed in the game and not have to sacrifice space usually taken up by cluttered menus when playing on a smaller screen.

This would be a great use for Microsoft's AR headset and not just for Final Fantasy 14. Do you think the second screen function would be a good way to integrate AR into games? Which titles would make your shortlist of benefiting from having their menus outside of the main display? Chime in below.

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