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FF14 Endwalker players are running into long queue times and game errors

The launch day of an MMO Expansion is always filled with problems, and Endwalker is no exception.

Those excited to jump into Final Fantasy 14’s recently released Endwalker expansion are running into login queues filled with thousands of players, as well as error codes preventing them from accessing their server of choice.

The launch of a new expansion for a popular MMO is always filled with bumps and early issues, and it was to be expected that Endwalker would be no exception.

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Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker 2002 and 5006 error codes

Error code 2002 and 5006, the main two errors players are running into as they try to access the new content, are caused by connection issues while in the character select menu and the servers being too busy to process login requests respectively.

This has resulted in numerous Final Fantasy 14 players heading to Twitter to update their friends and followers of their battle against the overloaded servers. Those who are facing a combination of long queues and login errors are quick to post about the frustrating experience, as they are bumped to the back of the line over and over again.

For others, the arduous journey to actually starting the game is comparable to some of the game’s harder content. That has led to a contingent of FF14 players giving the login queue the Savage difficulty modifier, a reference to some of the most challenging content in the game.

Final Fantasy 14 has undergone a surge in popularity over recent months (the reasons for this have been excellently summarized by Eurogamer). It’s safe to say that players will be waiting some time until they’ll be able to get into the game issue-free.

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