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Final Fantasy 14 boss wants cross-platform play with Xbox One

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn producer and director Naoki Yoshida wants to release an Xbox One version of the MMO, but cross-play between all versions is a must - something Microsoft hasn't been too willing to do in the past.

ff14 april

Speaking with Pocket-Lint at E3, Yoshida said Square Enix is in talks with Microsoft regarding the possibility.

"We really want to do an Xbox One version," Yoshida said. "As a big Xbox player myself. The thing is, A Realm Reborn is all about cross-platform compatibility. Anybody from any platform can play together.

"We don't want to split our community into people who play on this platform or play on that one. So we're currently in talks with Microsoft, trying to convince them that this is what needs to happen."

Final Fantasy 11 was available on Xbox 360 and allowed users to play with others on PC and PS3 through Square's Servers, so the possibility isn't too far-fetched.

Shadowrun featured cross-platform play between the Xbox 360 and PC in 2007, and while Xbox boss Phil Spencer said the experiment didn’t work very well, Microsoft learned from the experience.

Back in October last year, Spencer said he was open to cross-platform play between the Xbox One and PC, so once that hurdle is out of the way, maybe a rival console could be added to the mix. If an exception was made before, it can be made again.

Baby steps, fingers crossed and all that, but for now, such a thing seems to only be given the greenlight when players log into Mega Servers through their consoles.

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