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Far Cry 3 PC: Uplay causing server issues, Reddit offers solution

Far Cry 3 has launched in the UK and Europe, but the PC build is currently experiencing server issues that stem from Ubisoft's online service Uplay. The publisher has responded to the issue with a solution.

Eurogamer reports that because the Uplay servers are down, the service is causing problems within Far Cry 3. RPS has written a detailed and understandably angry account of the matter, that questions what Uplay offers players in Far Cry 3 besides hassle.

Uplay was causing connection issues both in multiplayer and in single player. One workaround discovered by Reddit users was to simply set Uplay to 'offline'.

Ubisoft has tweeted its acknowledgement of the issue, and is "very sorry". It hopes to have the issue resolved soon.

While you wait for Uplay to sort itself out, you can stare longingly at my appraisal of Far Cry 3 and its mad survival nature.

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