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Far Cry 3 development casts long shadows

Ubisoft has gone silent on Far Cry 3, but the anticipated sequel is nevertheless turning up all over the place.

Industry sleuth Superannuation spent a happy evening compiling references to a mysterious action title in development in Quebec.

A senior software developer at Ubisoft Montreal listed recent work on an "unannounced shooter sequel" for PlayStaton 3 and Xbox 360 on his resumé.

Another Montreal staffer, technical director of scripted events, references an "undisclosed first person shooter" with "exotic gameplay", again for both consoles.

Another three developers actually make direct reference to Far Cry 3 by title.

Ubisoft confirmed development of the third Far Cry game in August, 2008, but then apparently put the game on the back burner until August 2010, when rumours held production kicking into full swing.

The game was expected to release this year, but Ubi is playing coy. Another reason to keep your eyes on E3, then.

The first far Cry game was developed by Crytek, with ubisoft Montreal taking over for its first sequel, adding more open-world elements and shifting the setting to Africa, where Far Cry 3 is set to remain.

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