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Far Cry 2 wins on PC, says Eurogamer

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Eurogamer's claimed the PC version of Far Cry is the best of the three SKUs in another of Richard Leadbetter face-off features.

"Far Cry 2 is an excellent release on PC, and the fact that it can run in high definition with all features set to high levels while still providing a reasonably smooth, graphically superb experience is a first-rate achievement," said Leadbetter.

"Both console versions are intelligently ported and decent games to play, but with clear compromises."

Not only that, but Ubi Montreal's work is on a par with CryEngine 2, apparently, and even tops it in the fact that it's already working on consoles.

"We'd still give the nod to CryEngine 2 in terms of overall performance, but [Far Cry 2 engine] Dunia is working in the here and now on both PC and console, while Crytek's 360 and PS3 work remains under wraps in Frankfurt," he added.

More through there.

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