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Far Cry 2 user-created levels possible on Xbox Live thanks to Instinct "experience"

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While Epic ran into some sticky issues about allowing user-created content on Xbox Live with Unreal Tournament 3 mods, Far Cry 2 developer Ubisoft Montreal has managed to get past the problem thanks to going through the process before with Far Cry Instinct on Xbox.

Far Cry 2's user-created content comes in the form of multiplayer maps, obviously.

"[Microsoft has] some restriction: they have some technical issues," multiplayer producer Richard Gaetan told us when asked if user-content on Xbox Live presented a problem for the game.

"As we have the experience from Far Cry Instinct in Montreal, we encountered some issues and that's why it was only peer-to-peer.

"And so with that experience in our background, it was a bit easier. Then we started to discuss with [Sony], and make sure it was the same for PlayStation, to make sure it was alright with them. We made sure we sent them early builds."

As reported yesterday, maps will be either stored locally on gamers' machines or on Ubisoft's servers, and can be shared from either location.

Shipping on October 24, the game comes with a full map editor on PC, 360 and PS3 versions.

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