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Far Cry 2: 720p, but no 60 frames a second

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You asked. We got it answered. Far Cry 2 is set at 720p, but the game can't managed 60FPS because it has too much going on.

"No," multiplayer producer Richard Gaetan told VG247 when asked if the title is locked at the magic 60.

"We wish it would be 60 frames a second, but no. With the world so big – even in multiplayer the biggest maps are pretty huge – the dynamic grass that can catch on fire, the trees that can be destroyed, the vehicles in there as well, there's so much going on that no, we're not at 60 frames per second."

Gaetan did confirm, though, that you're going to get 720p out of the game.

Whether or not it's doing 60 frames, Far Cry 2 looks staggering, frankly, both in single-player and multiplayer. Read single-player impressions here.

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