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Fallout director: "there’s interesting potential for an online version"

Fallout: New Vegas director Josh Sawyer has said he'd like to return to the series and he sees potential in an MMO based on the franchise.


"Personally, I think there are some interesting things that could happen with Fallout in an MMO environment," he told IGN.

"There are some folks who kind of cobbled together all the Fallout 2 resources into kind of a makeshift MMO, made by fans. It was pretty cool but insane. It’s like if you take all of the most brutal aspects of Ultima Online and multiply them by five, you have that game.

"So I think there’s interesting potential for an online version of Fallout."

Obsidian may be a Californian studio, but Sawyer said he and some of his co-workers had chatted about entirely different locations for the series.

"I like doing stuff on the West coast because we’re close by, and that’s kind of been a tradition for the West coast developers of that stuff.

"I think going back to the Boneyard, LA, would be pretty cool but another area that I think Nathanial Chapman who used to work at Obsidian, he thought New Orleans would be a really cool setting for a Fallout game and I think that’d be really cool as well."

Publisher Bethesda has been quiet with regards to Fallout for some time, but it's a company known to take its time with its own properties, particularly one that's been embroiled in ridiculous legal problems.

So for now, let's take a look at some hot Fallout 3 mods and relive the glory.

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