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Wahey, Fallout 4's next-gen update is finally set to arrive later this month

Better late than never, and right as we're all gonna be heading back to The Commonwealth on April 25.

Some Enclave lads in Fallout 4's next-gen update.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda

Boo! After eons of silence, Bethesda has finally provided us with an update on Fallout 4's long-awaited next-gen update. It's coming later this month on April 25, an it's got some stuff in it, which I'll explain below.

As outlined in a new blog post, the update is actually coming as serveal versions, all aimed at different platforms. So, wherever you're playing Fallout 4, you should be in line to benefit from your own bunch of tweaks, as well as some free Creation Club goodies. Though, sadly, the update's timing means it'll land pretty close to Fallout: London's release on April 23, so we'll have to see if that has any repercussions for the massive mod.

For next-gen consoles, that's PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, the update will include native applications for those devices, plus "performance mode and Quality mode settings, as well as stability improvements and fixes." Those on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will just get "stability improvements, login and quest fixes".

Meanwhile, on PC, "widescreen and ultra-widescreen support, as well as fixes to Creation Kit and a variety of quest updates" are coming, in addition to "stability, mods and bug fixes" across Steam, the Microsoft Store and GOG. The game's also set to arrive on the Epic Games Store for the first time when this update drops, and become Steam Deck verified.

Alongside all the techy tweaks, you'll be getting some free Creation Club content. There's Enclave Remnants, which "brings the Pre-War cabal, The Enclave, into the Fallout 4 storyline", via a new quest, "Echoes of the Past". It comes with a new Enclave Colonel uniform, some fresh workshop items, and a bunch of existing Enclave Creation Club stuff that's now set to be free for the first time.

On top of this, there's the Makeshift Weapon Pack, which "includes a variety of unconventional objects that have been transformed into deadly weapons, such as: a baseball launcher, a nail gun and a piggy bank", and a Halloween Workshop pack. The latter adds "38 new Halloween decorations include witches, cauldrons, ghouls and more" to the game. In, er, April.

So there you go. If you're interested in fun Fallout things, make sure to check out the Fallout 5 pitch we recently got from ex-Bethesda developer Jonah Lobe.

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