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Fallout 4 - How to Change the Weather Using Fireworks

Shoot fireworks and change the weather in Fallout 4.

This guide will explain how to shoot fireworks and change the weather in Fallout 4. Players will need the Contraptions Workshop DLC to access the weather changing shells needed for this feature.

With the Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop DLC, players can now alter the weather to match their mood in just a few steps. This weather change feature involves using special types of mortar shells found in the Fireworks subsection of the Chemistry Station. For this guide, we will explain the steps for crafting these weather changing shells and how to use them.

In order to change the weather using Weather Change Shells, you must first build a Firework Mortar. At your settlement, bring up the Workshop interface and navigate to Power > Miscellaneous. Here you will find two types of Firework Mortars, vertical and angled. Both types can be crafted with the same components: Wood x 2, Steel x 2, and Asbestos x 1.

Craft a Firework Mortar and place it somewhere on your settlement, preferably next to a Generator, since it needs a power source. You can also attach a Terminal or Switch in between the mortar and the power source to set the mortars to a timer, or activate multiple mortars with a single switch pull. Run a wire from the Generator to a Terminal or Switch, then connect another wire to the Firework Mortar. Play around with your setup to optimize how you want to set off the mortars.

Once you complete the Firework Mortar setup, you will need to build some shells to fire off in the mortar. Fireworks shells can be created at a Chemistry Station or with a Pyrotechnics Mill. Go over to your Chemistry Station and select the Fireworks category.

Fireworks come in a variety of colors and types. To change the weather, you will need to select from the Weather Change Shells near the bottom of the list. There are three types of weather change shells: Rain, Radstorm, and Clear. You can also craft an Emergency Flare Shell, which can be used to call in reinforcements.

  • Clear Weather Shell: Adhesive x 1, Cloth x 1, Fertilizer x 1, Gold x 1
  • Rain Weather Shell: Adhesive x 1, Cloth x 1, Fertilizer x 1, Silver x 1
  • Radstorm Weather Shell: Adhesive x 1, Cloth x 1, Fertilizer x 1, Nuclear Material x 1

Once you have crafted few Weather Change Shells, it’s time to test them out. Approach your Firework Mortar and select Transfer. Select the type of mortar shells you want the mortar to fire, and transfer them into the Firework Mortar storage. The Weather Change Shells can be found within the My Misc section of your inventory.

After placing shells into your Fireworks Mortars, you are now ready to set them off. Pull the Switch to activate your mortars, or use the Terminal control panel if you have one hooked up. If everything is setup properly, your Fireworks Mortar will launch your Weather Change Shell into the air, causing a puff of smoke in the sky. After a few moments, the weather change will occur.

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Weather Change IDs for PC

Although the Weather Change Shells are a nifty firework alternative, these shells are generally geared more toward console players who cannot use console commands like PC users can to alter their game state. If you are playing Fallout 4 on PC and wish to change the weather, you can do so by typing just a few simple console commands.

Press the tilde key (~) to bring up the console. To change the weather, type in “fw ID”, where the ID is a number corresponding to a certain type of weather, then press Enter. We have listed the weather ID numbers below, labeled by weather type. For example, if you wish to change the weather to Default, you would type in “fw 0000015e” into the console and press Enter.

  • DefaultWeather - 0000015e
  • CommonwealthMistyRainy - 001cd096
  • CommonwealthRain - 001ca7e4
  • CGPrewarNukeFXWeather - 001f61fd
  • CommonwealthClear - 0002b52a
  • CommonwealthClear_VBFog - 002486a4
  • CommonwealthClear2 - 002385fd
  • CommonwealthDarkSkies - 001e5e60
  • CommonwealthDarkSkies2 - 002385fb
  • CommonwealthDarkSkies3 - 00226448
  • CommonwealthDusty - 001f61a1
  • CommonwealthFoggy - 001c3473
  • CommonwealthGSFoggy - 001bd481
  • CommonwealthGSOvercast - 000f1033
  • CommonwealthGSRadstorm - 001c3d5e
  • CommonwealthPolluted - 001eb2ff
  • DiamondWeather - 0000116d
  • DiamondWeatherPastel - 0000116e
  • FXNukeWeather - 001256fb
  • FXWthrMoonlightOnly - 00088c57
  • IstWeather - 000016ec

Now that you can control the weather in Fallout 4, you can start making some other devices for your settlement, including an Armor Forge, Ammunition Plant, or Pillory.

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