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Fallout 4 - How to Begin the Vault Tec Workshop DLC and Find Vault 88

Start building vaults and running tests in Fallout 4.

This guide will explain how to start the Vault Tec Workshop DLC in Fallout 4. Before building vaults, players must first meet the Overseer and begin a new quest. We’ll tell you where to go.

In Fallout 4, players have had several opportunities to explore the ruins of old Vaults throughout the wasteland. With the Vault Tec Workshop DLC add-on, players will now have the chance to build their own functioning Vaults, perform strange experiments, and become an Overseer.

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How to Begin the Vault Tec Workshop DLC

Players must be at least Level 20 or higher in order to begin the Vault Tec Workshop DLC. Upon entering the game, players will hear a distress beacon echoing throughout the wasteland. The beacon can be heard anywhere in the Commonwealth as long as you meet the level requirement.

Bring up your Pip-boy and tune to the Vault 88 Radio Beacon within the radio tab. Select the quest titled Vault-Tec Calling to track the quest and place a waypoint marker on your map. The distress beacon leads to Vault 88, a new vault located just beneath Quincy Quarries.

The quest is still accessible prior to Level 20 if you head straight to the vault location, you just won’t hear the distress signal that leads you there until you arrive. However, since some enemies in the quest reach as high as Level 35, you should be at least Level 20 or higher if you want to have a reasonable chance to defeat the enemies in these higher level parts of the quest.

When you arrive at Vault 88, prepare to slay a few Raiders near the entrance, then proceed toward the vault door. Before opening the vault, make sure to snag the Vault 88 Jumpsuit in the chest before the walkway. Clear the debris and make your way deeper into the vault. You’ll eventually meet Overseer Barstow, a survivor-turned-Ghoul and last inhabitant of Vault 88. Agree to complete work on the vault to kick off the quest and dive into the Vault Tec Workshop DLC.

Vault 88 is located just beneath Quincy Quarries, in the southern part of the Commonwealth.

The quest involves interviewing new settlers to find suitable test subjects for various experiments. The choices you make during these experiments will speak to the nature of your leadership skills, and the parameters of your tests impact the outcome of the final product. According to a blog post from Bethesda, objects crafted during these experiments become permanent fixtures in the Workshop and can be crafted in any buildable location.

If you simply want to delve into the Vault Tec Workshop on your own without following the quest, you can choose to either kill the Overseer or kick her out upon arrival. This will allow you to create basic versions of each experimental object.

New items will also be added to the Workshop, including a huge generator that produces 500 Power, clean furniture, vault-themed decorations, and whatever objects you create in your experiments.

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