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Fallout 4 - How to Assign Settlers to the Pillory

Build a pillory to punish settlers in Fallout 4.

This guide will show players how to create and use the pillory stocks in Fallout 4. The pillory is one of many new items available through the Contraptions Workshop DLC.

If you have ever wanted to punish unruly settlers in Fallout 4, now you can. The Contraptions Workshop DLC update allows players to punish annoying settlers by shackling them in a pillory device. Assigning a settler to the pillory also rewards players with the "Time Out" trophy achievement.

The pillory consists of a wooden framework with holes for the settler’s arms and head, and is intended for those who deserve an amusing punishment. The device only fits one settler at a time, so you’ll have to construct multiple pillory units if you wish to condemn more than one settler to these wooden stocks.

Start by bringing up the Workshop interface at one of your settlements. From the Resources tab, navigate to Resources > Miscellaneous > Pillory. The pillory is relatively cheap to make, so you might as well craft multiple pillory units to construct a full-fledged jail. To build the pillory device, you will need Wood x 4, and Concrete x 1. Once you have crafted a pillory, place it wherever you’d like to display your perpetrator. We suggest lining the roadway with multiple pillory devices, for those of you who have a flair for the dramatic.

Assigning a settler to the pillory works like any other job assignment. With the Workshop interface open, approach the settler you wish to condemn to the stocks. Select Command when hovering over the settler, then go over to the pillory and select Assign. The settler will slowly make their way to the pillory and hunch over into the stocks for their punishment.

Once you assign a settler to the pillory, you will earn the "Time Out" achievement/trophy immediately afterward. You can send any member of your settlement to the pillory stocks, including Companions. We suggest Preston Garvey and Marcy Long for starters.

If you are feeling particularly cruel, you can even construct flamethrower traps or other contraptions and place them in front of the pillories as makeshift torture devices. There doesn’t seem to be any other purpose for the pillory other than sheer amusement, so feel free to get creative with this one.

The Fallout 4 Contraptions DLC also features several functional Workshop upgrades as well. Players can craft their own weapons, armor, and ammunition by building certain machines. Head over to our Weapon Forge, Armor Forge, and Ammunition Plant guides to find out how to construct these devices for your own settlement in Fallout 4.

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