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EVE Online players receive 50K skill points over DDoS downtime

In compensation for an outage of several hours, CCP will award EVE Online players 50,000 skill points.

In an announcement post, CCP noted that the weekend downtime, which was caused by a surgical response to a DDoS attack campaign, is the longest downtime the MMO has experienced in "quite a while"; not bad, considering it lasted less than a day.

"As a result CCP has decided to give everyone 50,000 unallocated skill points. The cause of the downtime was a malicious attack on our servers but nevertheless we want to make sure that all our players walk away with uninterrepted skill training plans," the developer said.

"The skill points were distributed during today's deployment of EVE Online: Odyssey and all active accounts were eligible, barring trial accounts."

This is the second incident of mass skill point rewards in a few weeks. CCP offers a guide to spending skill points for those wondering what to do with this bounty, and also reminds players to check out the rebalancing applied in Odyssey before investing in ship skills.

For more information on the attack, CCP has a statement from its COO and reminds the community that it offers PLEX for snitches.

Thanks, Massively.

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