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EVE Online Odyssey ship rebalancing detailed

Odyssey, the 19th free expansion to EVE Online, rolls out later today, bringing significant changes to the ships at your disposal.

According to Massively (I'm not even going to pretend I can parse EVE-speak), the update brings four new hulls and revamps a further 36 for a total of 40 changes.

The changes not only make the ships more Navy-like, to fit with Odyssey's theme, it also contributes to CCP's ongoing efforts to eliminate various tiers.

In the course of this progress, 23 ship skills will be altered; cruisers will be split into attack and combat categories; and Tech 1 battleships will be rebalanced.

For all the details, visit CCP's blog post on the subject.

Odyssey is expected when June 4 reaches Europe, barely hours away now. It has loads of new content.

EVE Online and companion PS3 shooter DUST 514 were brought down yesterday by sustained DDoS attacks.

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