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EVE Online Odyssey expansion to improve starbases

CCP has been listening closely to the EVE Online community, and has a pile of starbase improvements planned for the Odyssey update during northern summer.

In an extensive blog update, CCP outlined its plans. Although these details aren't final, players can expect:

  • Private starbase hangars
    - Similar fittings to a Corporate Hangar Array, but higher build cost.
    - Normal members viewing the structure only see their own items, in the same way as when someone views the contents of a planetary customs office.
    - Corp directors have the ability to see what members have items in the hangar, but do not have the ability to take or place items from/in the hangars.
    - No limit on the number of characters that can use the structure, but storage is limited per character. The exact per-character volume is undecided but we are currently considering a range from 10,000m3 to 40,000m3.
    - If a member leaves the corp, his or her items are left in the structure but cannot be accessed unless the player rejoins.
    - If the structure is destroyed, it drops some but not all of the loot contained within.
    - If the structure is unanchored, all contents are destroyed. A confirmation box warns the player if the structure is not empty, and ensures that the items are not destroyed by accident.
    - This customs office-like structure allows us to avoid requiring complicated management of the storage within the hangar.
  • Repackaging modules in starbase arrays
  • Swapping and fitting Strategic Cruiser subsystems at a starbase
  • Accessing starbase arrays from anywhere within the shield
  • Starbase setup UI improvements
  • Removing the sovereignty requirement from Capital Ship Maintenance Arrays

As mentioned above, the details of these additions and improvements are likely to change, so hit the link above to read more and participate in discussion; CCP wants your feedback. The Odyssey update is expected in June.

Thanks, PCGamer.

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