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EVE Online Odyssey expansion due in June

CCP has announced and dated the 19th expansion for its nearly decade-old but only more interesting MMO EVE Online.

Odyssey is due on June 9, the developer revealed at PAX East, and will introduce a revamped scanning system and lots of hidden locations to find with it.

Executive producer Jon Lander told Polygon the update is supposed to reignite the sense of mystery and danger the EVE Online universe presented before its inner systems were so carefully explored.

"People never really knew what was out there. Were things dangerous? Were they scary? What would they get? What would they lose? Is there going to be some pirate around the corner who's going to get me?" he said.

"Over the years, it's either become harder to get into it, or people have discovered it all and it's no longer exciting - there's no longer a sense of the unknown.

"When you think about all of the great science fiction it's all about 'What is it?' What's going on? I don't know what's going on,' and I love that feeling of discovery. Odyssey is really about enabling our players to do that," he added.

In addition to this appealing change, the update will also rebalance and add new ships, and offer an improved user interface. CCP hopes the new look will help beginners get over the old "spreadsheets in space" thing, and a planned graphics overhaul will help, too - although those who prefer the traditional look will be able to stick to something very similar should they choose.

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