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Europe gets new DSi colours in October


Nintendo just confirmed that three new DSi colours are to release in Europe on October 23.

Metallic Blue, Light Blue and Red will join the current white and black SKUs.

That's it. Buy all of them. Twice. PR after the break.


22nd September 2009 – Nintendo today revealed that the popular Nintendo DSi will be available to buy across Europe in three new colours from 23rd October 2009 - Metallic Blue, Light Blue and Red.

The Nintendo DSi launched in Europe in April 2009 in white and black and is packed with new features that excite fans of, and newcomers to, the Nintendo DS range. The Nintendo DSi enables you to create, customise and share photos with friends & family, listen to and play with your favourite music and sounds, play over 1000 existing Nintendo DS games and download games directly to the console through the Nintendo DSi Shop which is accessible through the console. .

And with the new colours comes a series of new benefits including the new Flipnote Studio and Facebook feature pre-installed. The Facebook feature allows users to post their photographic creations straight to their Facebook profile to get the most out of the fun image manipulation tools in the Nintendo DSi Camera. Flipnote Studio enables users to conveniently make notes on their Nintendo DSi or get creative and animate their own mini-movies! Upload and share your creations online via a special service accessible with the Nintendo DSi: Flipnote Hatena and join the growing community of animators!

Also those that use their Nintendo DSi to access the Nintendo DSi Shop through Nintendo Wi-Fi connection before March 31st, 2010 will receive 1,000 Nintendo DSi Points for free! Users can then use these points to download exclusive games and/or applications called Nintendo DSiWare. Users can also purchase additional Nintendo DSi Points within the Nintendo DSi Shop or redeem Nintendo Points cards that can be bought in stores where available.

Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the range of Nintendo DS consoles which are currently enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It features the trademark dual screens and the simple-to-use controls that players have come to love. The Nintendo DSi also features improvements. The Touch Screen, that makes playing software and navigating the controls simple and intuitive, is now bigger and brighter then ever before. Users can now purchase and download games directly from the Nintendo DSi Shop onto their Nintendo DSi, as well as play over 1000 existing Nintendo DS games. Picture files can also be stored directly to the Nintendo DSi and using the new SD Card slot, music files can be played from a SD Card; all ensuring true entertainment on the go.

More colour and now more fashion with Nintendo presents: Style Boutique

And to match the stylish and colourful new Nintendo DSi, there’s another great arrival on the same day with Nintendo presents: Style Boutique hitting the shelves across Europe. Nintendo presents: Style Boutique, for both the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi, challenges you to run your own fashion store as a style consultant, hand pick your own stock from 10,000 items, take part in Fashion Contests to win special items, open a branch of your shop online and even play against other consultants in multiplayer modes. Working your way up from shop assistant in a store, you can offer clothing advice and outfits for customers. With each customer having their own style and personality, you need to choose their clothes carefully to make a successful sale.

Nintendo DSi in Metallic Blue, Light Blue and Red and the new Nintendo presents: Style Boutique are all available across Europe from 23rd October 2009.


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