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Elden Ring ‘Rainbow Stones lead the way to riches’: How do you use Rainbow Stones?

Could Patches be up to no good again?

In the vast expanse of Elden Ring the exploration never seems to cease. For those who have finally been able to take the hike up Mt. Gelmir, you might’ve run into a rather illusive message that accompanies your old frenemy Patches.

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You’re probably wondering what the message means, if Rainbow Stones really do lead the way to riches and this could be the new Rune farm you’ve been looking for, or, you could probably be wondering what the hell Rainbow Stones even are to begin with.

How do you use Rainbow Stones in Elden Ring?

Rainbow Stones are described in Elden Ring as follows: ‘Shines with colored light when placed, serving as a guide.’ However, unsurprisingly, this is a little vague, and doesn’t really explain what these Rainbow Stones are used for.

Fortunately, these stones are rather straightforward. By using one, you can judge the fall distance from a cliff or a ledge. Essentially, Rainbow Stones can make all the difference as to whether you merely lose some health or die as a result of a jump.

Simply use the item to throw it onto the ground below. If it’s not safe for you to hop down, the stone will shatter. On the other hand, if you can jump down without plummeting to your death, the stone will land safely and glow purple.

What does ‘Rainbow Stones lead the way to riches’ mean in Elden Ring?

If you haven’t come across Patches’ message naturally as you are yet to scale Mt. Gelmir, or simply missed it, you can find it near the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite Site of Grace. Run ahead of here until you reach a large rock that also acts as a bridge.

You’ll also notice some colorful glowing stones along the edge of the cliff just before you run ahead and read the message. Once you’ve check out the ‘Rainbow Stones lead the way to riches’ memo, follow the glowing stones. Will they lead the way to riches?

If you don’t want to know what happens next, here’s your minor spoiler alert.

If you follow the stones, Patches will appear once you reach the orange one. Funnily enough, during the small cutscene that is triggered, he will push you off of the cliff. Maybe it’s revenge for how things went down in Murkwater Cave, or maybe he’s maintaining his reputation of being an asshole, who knows. Either way, he does warn that you should stay away from Volcano Manor.

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